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Energy Trading

As with many renewable generating stations, there will more than likely be unused electricity which is sent back to the grid.

This is known as exported electricity. Many renewable energy generators will receive a payment for this exported electricity. Our aim is to provide you with the most competitive price in selling electricity back to the grid to improve your return on investments and decrease your payback periods.

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Power Purchase Agreements wind turbines

Aggregator approach to power trading

By adopting a similar model as our approach to ROC Trading and with the volume of customers we have across the UK we are able to adopt a strength in numbers approach to leveraging the best price for exported electricity. With this unique position within the marketplace we secure and increase export value for renewable generators. The aim of this service is to ensure that we can provide an honest and secure return on your investment as a comprehensive partner, trading both ROCs and energy

Why is our approach effective?

As one of the largest independent Energy trading companies in the UK and with a high volume of customers, we are in a position to source the best price for our clients. This strength in numbers approach, in addition to our strong relationships with energy suppliers, has allowed us to provide a range of tailored and flexible contracts suited to the needs of our customer base.

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What does a Zevon Power Purchase Agreement mean for me?

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