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Power Purchase Agreements

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement between two parties whereby one party sells their exported electricity from their renewable generating station or project, to the second party.

The seller of the electricity is typically the owner of a renewable generation project and the buyer is typically a utility company or an electricity trader.

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Power Purchase Agreements

How has the market changed

With the introduction of the Renewable Obligation scheme, suppliers must prove that a percentage of their total supply comes form a renewable source. Suppliers use ROCs to meet their compliance and avoid a fine – this fine is referred to as the ‘Buy Out Price’ and is set by Ofgem. This year (2022-2023) the obligation on suppliers is 49.1%. There is no official headline price for ROCs therefore where you trade your ROCs will influence your returns. Selling ROCs directly with suppliers or using platforms may not secure the market leading value.  By acting as a cooperative, we aggregate our clients ROCs and engage in bespoke trading to achieve higher values. This is true “ROC Trading”

Why do I need a new PPA?

It is important to seek a competitive PPA as a renewable generator. This will provide you with additional guaranteed income for a fixed period and increase your return on investment.

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Why use us for your PPA?

We secure optimal revenues for our clients for their renewable generation. With strong relationships across the UK with energy suppliers we are ideally placed to source the best price for you.

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